We are sailing cutting machines as: Laser, plasma, oxyfuel and water jet.

CLUZI introduce you with second hands or brand new one cutting solution by using:

  • CO2 or fibber Lasers’.
  • Plasma & oxyfuel.
  • Water jet.
  • Specials applications’:
    • Die board with CF2 interface on wood cutting with lasers’.
    • Multi applications, drilling, boring, taping, milling and plasma cutting.
    • Special developments’.
  • Maintenance on welding or cutting systems with retrofit in relation with the end user needs.
  • Spare parts and nesting software adapt to the production needs.

CLUZI installed since a couple of years, different cutting size systems which are refurbished with different level warranty, technical supports, training and after sales service.

CLUZI propose also specific welding systems as follow: Positioners, rotators, Colum and boom and seem welders.

CLUZI in collaboration with a lot of European partners specialized on one technology and one trade mark, submitted technical and financial solution to solve the end user need.

CLUZI suggested also reconfiguration systems by introducing new technologies on second hands systems. Examples:
Replacing the CNC and driving motors, generator (Laser, plasma, etc.) in relation with the end user capacity.
Replacing the beam path on laser systems to increase capacities.
Back up or retrofit on some plasma generators’ in relation with user needs.
Sheets or pieces loading or /and unloading.

CLUZI is a brand independent company which offers’ to the buyer the best feedback money in relation with its production.

Collaboration with the customer is the source of a good agreement and sustainability for 2 partners.